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Specializing in Root Canal Treatment, Retreatment & Root Surgery


Are you in pain or looking for a 2nd opinion? Call us today...

No referral is necessary.

Calgary Dental Specialist - Kid friendly
Kid Friendly

Dental emergencies are unpredictable. We do our best to see your child the day trauma has help save your child's tooth. Did you know that if a tooth gets knocked out it is best transported in PEDIALYTE?

Tooth pain

Sometimes retreating a root canal is not your best option especially if it has large posts. Surgery allows your endodontist to examine the entire root of your tooth, find the problem, and provide treatment.

Specializing in Root Canal Treatment, Retreatment & Root Surgery
 Oral Sedation

Patient’s experiencing dental fear and anxiety about root canal treatment can rest assured they will receive the quality dental care without the worry. We provide ceiling TV's (for distraction), blankets & knee pillows.

Dr. Shannon Davis

Same day emergency appointments available:

Dental emergencies can happen at any given moment. Westside Endodontics strives to provide emergency care if you are experiencing a toothache due to a dental abscess or infection; or a broken tooth due to trauma from a fall or impact to the face. Depending on your emergency situation, you may require a lengthier procedure, or a series of appointments to fully treat the problem. During your initial consultation, our goal is to relieve the immediate pain and achieve comfort until we complete the proper care.

Emergency Appointments
Oral Sedation, Emergency Appointments, Surgery

Your referrals are making a real impact by helping to create high school scholarships for the Little Pine First Nation.

(Dr. Davis is a member of the Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan.)

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